Product launch

Are you planning a product launch? Event management of product launches is one of Rajjas areas of expertise. We are one of the leading product launch event management companies in Jaipur. We specialise in the management of ground-breaking product instigate events for our clients, ensuring that they receive the desired publicity and buzz they are looking for. As creativity is central to all the events we organise, we make sure that your product launch is a memorable one. Our events take place in unique venues like public squares and are specifically designed to meet the product launch event requirements. Combine this with our attention to detail and constant pursuit of perfection means that event management for your product launch will be immaculate. With Rajjas, size doesn’t matter, as we have managed events of sizes varying from 10 people to thousands.

Rajjas recognizes the importance of time when creating, planning and executing any event. We believe that the effective management and efficient use of the time available is critical to successful product launch event management.

A winning product launch delivers sales momentum for your company. It’s one of the few opportunities to go from incremental to exponential sales. So why do so few companies get it right? It’s not because they’re lucky. It’s because they understand the 6 secrets of a winning product launch:

  • Matching Product Capabilities to Market Needs
  • Clear Positioning and Messaging
  • Setting Clear Launch Goals
  • The Power of Leverage
  • Priming the Pump
  • Timing the Launch to Maximize Sales

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Exhibition Management

Rajjas manages the event management services for planning and organizing exhibition from advertising and publicity promotion to the event follow-up. We render our professional services of various categories of exhibition ranging from trade & industrial fairs, consumer or public events, company in-house events to display attraction. We are exclusively dealing with traveling exhibition for group, product exhibition, school, college and university exhibition, hotel exhibition, local exhibition, public exhibition, flower exhibition, music exhibition, organizing the exhibition of road exhibition/shows, product launch exhibition, trade biz exhibition, B2B exhibition and B2C exhibition management


Outdoor Promotional Activities

Outdoor promotion is a perfect tool to reach large numbers of audience and effectively boost the clients’ brand and sales. Supported by experienced promotional managers and skilled workers, we render our clients outdoor promotion services. Arrangement of promotional site and implementation of campaign is painstakingly conducted by our team taking into consideration the clients’ requirements. We utilize various outdoor promotion devices, such as:
Display hoardings, Back lit hoardings, Glow signs , Banners ,Foam banners , One way vision ,Advertising stands, Commercial wall paintings, Vinyl and digital printing, Display boards for bridge pillars, poles, buildings, Bus shelters, City bus, taxi & auto rickshaws advertising, Radio, news paper & cinema advertising.


Branding &Promotion

We also provide promotion services that assist clients to cover the distance between thought process and action. These services are aimed at making the name of the brands familiar with the audience through various events, shows, seminars, conferences, etc. Our dedicated team uses brilliant ideas to address specific and tactical objectives. We develop promotional strategies, concepts and tactics that are consistent with the brand’s marketing objectives and equity.

We offer best quality brand activation services for our reputed clients that include multinational corporations and other reputed organizations. Our talented and creative team organizes variety of project and corporate events, road shows, conferences, seminars, etc., for client’s brand activation. They help clients in launching their brand with great pomp and show and thus help in getting the attention of the desired customers.


Product Marketing

Our quality services also include product marketing services that help organizations to successfully introduce their products in the markets. Supported by our highly professional management team, we assist clients in developing, launching and marketing their product or service in a unique manner. The talented team incorporates new innovative ideas that assist us in managing different aspects of product development and marketing.

Our product marketing services also help clients to identify international and vertical markets as well as reduce product launch costs. Our extensive knowledge of the market helps us in controlling risk and significantly increases the sales opportunity for our clients.


Mall Promotions

Today, malls and multiplex have become the favorite spot of young generation. Comprehending their craze towards malls, we organize multiple promotion campaigns in thronging malls and multiplexes. Our mall promotion services comprise organizing kiosks and games, which assist the clients to attract the attention of large numbers of audience and interact with them face to face.

These mall promotion services are carried out by our team of expert professionals and on site supervisors, who take full interest in the brand promotion activities of clients and ensure mutual benefit to everyone involved.