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Jaipur Jewellery Show in its 10th year. This is Second Largest Jewelry Show of India. Popularly this show is also known as JJS or the DECEMBER show and Rajjas have got the opportunity to be a part of it. this is really a great honor for us. Rajjas are busy with big wedding events in 2012, suprint textile, Sodhis, Rawats, Saboos are a few to mention.

Welcome to Rajjas

Events are more than one happening activity, they possesses reminiscence in people mind and creates benchmark when they are exceptional. Events are something which needs a lot of planning, collaboration, interpersonal skills in support of a unique theme or idea. And to manage event is a art and not everyone’s cup of tea and even if you are having all this, we bet that you would love to enjoy event with your family rather than being into organization and watching it later in videos and photographs.

Events can be as big as a royal wedding with thousands of guests or can be as small as kitty party and we are here to make it pleasurable experience for you.

Though we are highly specialized in weddings, following are the specific domains of events where we have expertise and team to work on:
  • Royal Weddings
  • Cultural Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Theme parties
  • Product Launch
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Wedding Destinations – Jaipur

There is nothing bigger than a dream in your eyes to get your daughter/son getting married with all rituals perform in esthetic manner and in the best of fashion which you, your relatives and other people cherished and treasured for a long terms and when it comes to wedding the first and foremost question arises is destinations.

And what can be more beautiful than Jaipur when it comes to wedding weather royal or modern.
Pink city with modern culture yet traditional roots having palaces turn luxurious heritage hotels which are blend of both.
Feel the royalty like a Maharaja (King), have elephants, horses, camel into the grand courtyard, folk music, dine in magnificent durbars and luxurious rooms with all modern amenities to stay.

Stay at a fairytale castle that rises like a marble vision from an sapphire lake. Live in a heritage fortress perched on a high hill and wake up to the sound of peacocks calling. With spectacular locations, fascinating histories and an amazing ambience, the forts and palaces of the royal families of India, that have been converted into Heritage Hotels of India offer you a chance to live like a King. For an unforgettable wedding in royal style, please contact us.

“One thing which differentiates with all other royal wedding is a theme exclusively designed for you by us.

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